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The Book(s) ready.

Cups*  is an ongoing project (20+ years) of photographing coffee cups everywhere.

the Cup is a cup, saucer and spoon I travel with and photograph all over the world.

The first 50 people who purchase both books will receive a custom signed 5x7 inch limited edition print mailed directly from me. and no (2) prints will be the same

The books are available here:



645 PRO app for iPhone offers access to lossless camera output (but not Raw)

The app also offers a series of features such as spot metering and exposure, focus and white balance lock, as well as a series of film simulation options and aspect ratio options, but it’s the uncompressed output that is, as far as we are aware, unique.

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The goal is to share your photos, not someones else’s images.

Very interesting indeed…


Hot on the heels of Facebook’s $1b deal to buy out Instagram, the customer loyalty start-up Tagtile has also been brought under Mark Zuckerberg’s wing.  Does this tell us more about his plans for Instagram?

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